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Director | Center for Chemical Dynamics in Living Cells




Jaeyoung Sung (성재영)

Director of Center for Chemical Dynamics in Living Cells
Room # 417, Surim Science Hall(Building # 104)
Department of Chemistry
College of Natural Sciences
Chung-Ang University
84 Heukseok-Ro, Dongjak-gu,
Seoul, 06974, Republic of Korea


Phone: +82-2-820-5240
Fax : +82-2-825-4736
Email :

Full CV- JSung 



● Seoul National University, Doctor of Philosophy in Physical Chemistry (March 1993~August 1997)
   Ph. D. Dissertation Title: Many-particle effects on the kinetics of diffusion-influenced reactions.
   Supervisor: Prof. Sangyoub Lee

● Seoul National University, Master of Science in Physical Chemistry (March 1991 ~ February 1993)

● Seoul National University, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry (March 1987~ February 1991)


Professional Experience

2015.12 ~ Present: Director, Creative Research Initiative Center for Chemical Dynamics in Living Cells, Chung-Ang University-National Research Foundation of Korea

● 2014.03 ~ 2016.02: Department Head, Department of Chemistry, Chung-Ang University

● 2013.07: Organizer, STATPHYS 25 Satellite meetings “Stochastic transport & reaction processes in condensed media”

● 2011.07 ~ 2012.05: Visiting Professor, Department of Chemistry, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

● 2012.06: Visiting Scholar, Center for the Physics of Living Cells, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

● 2012.03 ~ Present: Professor of Chemistry, Chung-Ang University

● 2007.03 ~ 2012.02: Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry, Chung-Ang University

● 2004.03 ~ 2007.02: Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry, Chung-Ang University

● 2000.09 ~ 2004.02: Postdoctoral Associate in Professor Bob Silbey’s group in Chemistry department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

● 1998.09 ~ 2000.08: Postdoctoral research fellow, Institute of Basic Science, Korea University.

● 1997.09 ~ 1998.08: Special research fellow, Institute of Basic Science and Research, Seoul National University.


Research Interests
 Biophysical chemistry

 Systems biology

 Single molecule dynamics & spectroscopy

 Statistical thermodynamics of non-extensive systems

 Molecular transport and reaction in disordered media

 Solvation effects in chemical dynamics and equilibrium


Honors and Awards

● 2019 Distinguished professor (1st CAU Contribution Scholar) at Chung-Ang University 

● 2017 SigmaPhi2017 Prize, Best Oral Presentation on Complexity, SigmaPhi2017 (International Conference on Statistical Physics, Corfu-Greece)

● Appreciation Plaque from the President of Chung-Ang University in 2016 as recognition of outstanding contribution to the academic competitiveness of Chung-Ang University.

● Creative Research Initiative Center Project Grant, National Research Foundation of Korea. (December, 2015)

● National Laboratory Project Grant, National Research Foundation of Korea (November, 2015)

● The Kook-Joe Shin Academic Excellence Prize from the Korean Chemical Society (2015 with the first awardee honor)

● Appreciation Plaque from the President of Korean Chemical Society in recognition for contributing to the advancement of the Korean Chemical Society as a Steering Committee Member of Academic Affairs (2014).

● Distinguished Ph. D. Dissertation Award (Department of Chemistry, Seoul National University, 1997)


Professional Services

● 2016 ~ Present, Committee member of Academic Affairs, the Korean Chemical Society

● 2016 ~ 2018, Review Board, the National Research Foundation of Korea

● 2016, Secretary of General Affairs, Physical Chemistry Division of the Korean Chemical Society

● 2014, Steering Committee of Academic Affairs, the Korean Chemical Society

● 2014, Member, General Board of Publishing Committee, the Korean Chemical Society

● 2014, Science Committee Member, the Korean Chemical Society

● 2014 ~ 2015, Committee member, Authentication Affairs of Chemistry Majors at the Korean Chemical Society

● 2013 ~ 2014, Representative of the Korean Chemical Society, the Korean Union of Chemical Science and Technology Societies

● 2013, Steering Committee of Public Affairs, the Korean Chemical Society

● 2007 ~ 2013, Information Committee Member, the Korean Chemical Society



Selected Publications


8. Kyujin Shin, Sanggeun Song, Yo Han Song, Seungsoo Hahn, Ji-Hyun Kim, Gibok Lee, In-Chun Jeong, Jaeyoung Sung*, and Kang Taek Lee, "Anamalous Dynamics of in vivo Cargo Delivery by Motor Protein Multiplexes", J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 10, 11, 3071 - 3071 (2019).


7. Sanggeun Song, Seong Jun Park, Minjung Kim, Jun Soo Kim, Bong June Sung, Sangyuob Lee, Ji-Hyun Kim, and Jaeyoung Sung*, "Transport Dynamics of Complex Fluids", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 116 (26), 12733 - 12742 (2019).


​6. Seong Jun Park, Gil-Suk Yang, Sanggeun Song, Phillip M. Kim, Sangwoon Yoon, Ji-Hyun Kim, and Jaeyoung Sung*, "The Chemical Fluctuation Theorem governing gene expression", Nature Communications 9, article 297, (2018).



5. In-Chun Jeong, Sanggeun Song, Daehyun Kim, Seong Jun Park, Ji-Hyun Kim, and Jaeyoung Sung*, "Comment on 'Nonrenewal statistics in the catalytic activity of enzyme molecules at mesoscopic concentrations'", Physical Review Letters, (2017).


4. Seong Jun Park, Sanggeun Song, In-Chun Jeong, Hye Ran Koh, Ji-Hyun Kim, and Jaeyoung Sung*, "Nonclassical Kinetics of Clonal yet Heterogeneous Enzymes", J. Phys. Chem. Lett., 8 (13), 3152-3158 (2017).


3. Yu Rim Lim, Ji-Hyun Kim, Seong Jun Park, Gil-Suk Yang, Sanggeun Song, Suk-Kyu Chang, Nam Ki Lee, and Jaeyoung Sung*, “Quantitative understanding of probabilistic behavior of living cells operated by vibrant reaction networks”, Phys. Rev. X 5, 031014 (2015).


2. Sora Yang, Seunghyeon Kim, Yu Rim Lim, Cheolhee Kim, Hyeong Jeon Ah, Ji-Hyun Kim, Jaeyoung Sung*, and Nam Ki Lee*, “Contribution of RNA polymerase concentration variation to protein expression noise”, Nat. Commun. 5, 4761 (2014).


1. Yu Rim Lim, Seong Jun Park, Sanggeun Song, Gil-Suk Yang, Young-Gui Yoon Ji-Hyun Kim and Jaeyoung Sung*, “Exchange symmetry, fluctuation-compressibility relation, and thermodynamic potentials of quantum liquids”, Phys. Rev. E89, 062131 (2014)


Full Publication List