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Introduction | Center for Chemical Dynamics in Living Cells






Our research is primarily focused on the dynamics of chemical fluctuations in living cells and how it affects a lifeform’s capacity to control biological functions. In order to achieve this goal, we first developed an accurate mathematical description for the stochastic dynamics of vibrant intracellular networks where both the rate coefficients and enzyme populations were stochastic variables coupled to the hidden environmental state. With our novel mathematical description of intracellular networks in place, we then formulated a stochastic kinetics theory explaining the stochastic dynamics of biological networks and the chemical fluctuations produced by the network. Our ultimate goal is to use this new theory to achieve a quantitative understanding of the chemical fluctuations produced by biological networks and what consequences these fluctuations have on the probabilistic behaviors of life forms. Utilizing fundamentally stochastic chemical processes, we are making great strides in the understanding of how lifeforms achieve the order needed to develop and sustain life.