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  • CDLC welcomes new graduate researchers
  • Luke
    Views: 67, 2019.12.30 17:57:33

    The Center for Chemical Dynamics in Living Cells (CDLC) is pleased to announce that Minho Lee, Kyungwoo Kim, Haemo Yang, and Jaemin Shim have officially joined our center as graduate researchers!


    Minho joins us as a Ph.D graduate researcher from Sogang University, where he received his master’s in physics funded by the Kwanjeong Foundation. He is interested in pursuing diffusion simulation and deep learning research at the CDLC.


    Kyungwoo, a Chung-Ang University alumnus, joins the CDLC as an integrated Ph.D candidate. He is interested in transcription bursting with gene-nonspecific kinetics.


    Haemo, also a Chung-Ang University graduate and long-time friend of the CDLC, now joins us as a graduate researcher. During his undergraduate degree, Haemo studied chemistry and physics, but now as a a Ph D. graduate researcher, he is interested in purusing neurochemistry.


    Jaemin studied systems biotechnology and mathematics at Chung-Ang University. Now, at the CDLC, he will be working towards his integrated Ph.D.


    The CDLC is delighted to welcome these young researchers and eagerly looks forwards to helping them develop into excellent scientists.


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