◈ The Ideal Candidate


The ideal candidate will possess an outstanding CV and significant experience in academic fields related to stochastic chemical kinetics, systems biology, biological system simulation, and statistical mechanics. We of course welcome international applications as well.


Tenure-Track Research Professor Position


Successful candidates will assist the principle investigator and lead their own small research group in the investigation of separate sub-topics related to stochastic chemical kinetics. The initial appointment for a research professor at the CDLC includes 2 year of support with a salary comparable to that of tenure-track faculty at Chung-Ang University. Additionally, up to approximately $200,000 of startup will be provided to cover initial research expenses. If at the end of their 2 years the candidate wishes to remain at the university, Chung-Ang University has expressed interest in recruiting successful research professors as tenure-track professors.


Postdoctoral position


Successful postdoc candidates will conduct their own research related to stochastic chemical kinetics and/or assist research professors in the study of related sub-topics. The annual salary of a postdoc researcher ranges from $30,000 to $55,000 depending on their research career, experience, and performance.





Interested applicants should email the CDLC Director, Professor Jaeyoung Sung, at jaeyoung@cau.ac.kr. The email subject line should reflect your name and in which position(s) you are interested. For example: Hyun-woo Kim, Research Professor Position




Applicants should send their CV, including publication list and three letters of recommendation, to the CDLC Director, Professor Jaeyoung Sung, at jaeyoung@cau.ac.kr.